Custom African Necklaces

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These beautiful custom African necklaces are handmade by Tinaz Afriqué Jewelry in Kampala. Each African necklace made is unique in it’s own different way. A wide range of designs are available for you to choose from. Please note that this being a hand made product colors may vary and slight design differences are to be expected.

These necklaces are a perfect Christmas gift for a friend family member or a loved one.

African necklace designs

Necklace design one

This African necklace design features many beaded strands like a packet of spaghetti. In fact we almost called it beaded spaghetti African necklace. It costs only $35.00 $27.00.

Custom African Necklaces - Design one

Necklace design two

Another beaded spaghetti African necklace design. Cool, stylish, unique and affordable. This African necklace costs only $20.00 $15.00.

Custom African Necklaces - Design two

Necklace design three

Ok, we don’t know what to name amazing African necklace design yet. Anyway you can see it from the images above. This African necklace design is a perfect present for your mom, daughter, girl or any other female in your life. It’s perfect and they’ll like it. Trust me. And it costs only $25.00 $18.00.

Custom African Necklaces - Design three

Necklace design four

Now this is our favorite, seriously It’s the best you can find anywhere. Nobody can ever turn this down. Try it, gift it to someone today to see for yourself. Did I say it costs only $33.00 $28.00? It should cost more than that. Buy it today. Before the price goes up tomorrow.

Custom African Necklaces - Design four

Necklace design five

Another good African necklace design from your good friends Tinaz Afriqué Jewelry in Kampala Uganda. Putting on this unique necklace is guaranteed to make you happy. In fact order atleast two in case you lose one. This way your happiness will never run out. Try it now for only $25.00 $19.00. Your happiness starts today. 🙂

Custom African Necklaces - Design five

Custom African necklace design

Let me honest. I can’t list all the designs here. Like any work of art, craft making always produces new unique results when you try something different. This is why it is important to let you know that your good friends at Tinaz Afriqué Jewelry are ready to put what’s in your mind onto your body in form of a unique clothing accessory.  A custom African design necklace will cost you only $40.00 $35.00.

Select custom African necklace design, add it to cart, checkout and watch the magic happen. Place an order now. Tinaz Afriqué loves you.

Custom African Necklaces - Custom design

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3 reviews for Custom African Necklaces

  1. Tesaga Charles

    I am happy I ordered a gift for my girlfriend and got it delivered the same day. I never knew this is possible in Jinja. When I read you can pay using mobile money I decided to give it a try. The necklace gift was delivered less than 3 hrs later. I was so impressed I left a recommendation on their facebook page. Thanks Jinjagift, ordering things online has never been this easy before in Uganda.

    Attached Media

    • Gifted Expat

      Thank you for your nice words Charles. Thank you for your recommendation on Facebook as well. We are happy your necklace was delivered on time. Say hi to your girlfriend. We hope she liked the necklace 😉

  2. Anthony Hicks

    Is it possible to order this in large quantities for resale in Europe?

    • Gifted Expat

      Hi Anthony. Thanks for writing to us. It is possible to order these custom African necklaces for resale in Europe. Send us an email, or use the contact page to send us a message about the number of pieces and designs you need. Cheers.

  3. Betty

    Here to say thank you guys a friend of mine sent mi this package thnks to jinja gift I received mai package wow wow Christmas came early for mi thanks for the package.

    Attached Media

    • Gifted Kali

      Hi Betty. We are glad you loved your gift. What your friend actually sent you is TerraBite Energy Bars 5 pack, plus 3 free (8 pcs). The energy bars come in 8 pieces so you can have atleast something for everyone in your friends or family circle. Thank you for the nice words.

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