Custom African Earrings

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Accessorize your style with these fantastic African earrings from Tinaz Afriqué Jewelry.

Skilled and experienced craft men and women spend many hours each day to bring you the perfect quality of handmade African earrings.

Most of these earrings go match well with these necklaces and bracelets.

African earrings designs available

Design one: Multicolored bead earrings

Custom African Earrings - Multicolored bead earrings

Design two: Unknown design earrings

Custom African Earrings - Unknown design earrings

Design three: Real African earrings

What else were you expecting? This is Africa. Yes, this are the real African earring design. Featuring and African continent shape this pair will without a doubt make a statement.

Custom African Earrings - Real African earrings

Design four: Peacock feather earrings

If these do not make you proud as a peacock nothing else will. Made from a peacock’s tail feathers these earrings proudly display the legendary eyespots visible when a peacock fans it’s tail. This is guaranteed to rock your style. Place an order today.

Custom African Earrings - Peacock feather earrings

Design five: Cherry bead earrings

Who doesn’t like cherries? Who says no to cherry bead earrings? Not you of course. These cherry colored earrings make a perfect gift for you or your loved one. Did I mention that red cherry is the color of love?

Custom African Earrings - Cherry bead earrings

Design six: Bead cluster earrings

These beautiful earring are made by clustering a number of beads together using a fine thread. Different colors are available. Place an order today.

Custom African Earrings - Bead cluster earrings

Design seven: The bead loop earrings

Custom African Earrings - The bead loop earrings

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Multicolored bead earrings, Unknown design earrings, Real African earrings, Peacock feather earrings, Cherry bead earrings, Bead cluster earrings, The bead loop earrings



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