How to pay

Payments for your gifts on Jinja Gift Shop can be made in 3 different ways.

  1. Using your Jinja Gift wallet
  2. Using PayPal or your debit or credit card
  3. Using Mobile Money(Airtel Ug and MTN)

1. Using your Jinja Gift Wallet

When you open an account on Jinja Gift website you get a personal wallet. The wallet is accessible from your My account page.

At first your wallet balance may be $0.00 though you can top it up using method 2 or 3 below.

Amount topped up in your wallet can be spent later to purchase gifts. This is a good way to save money for your gifts by topping up your wallet with small amounts periodically then spend it when you need to. Loyal customers customers can buy gifts on credit and pay later or in installments.

Refunds from Jinja Gift are also topped up into your wallet. You can also receive and transfer wallet balance to and from other Jinja Gift users.

To pay using your wallets balance simply select Wallet Payment at checkout

Click here to go to my wallet.

How to top up your wallet

  1. Open My wallet
  2. Select Wallet topup
  3. Enter amount to topup
  4. Fill in billing details, select payment method and complete the payment

1. Using PayPal, debit or credit card

Jinja Gift accepts debit and credit card payments using If you have a PayPal wallet you can also pay using your balance.

To pay using PayPal, your debit or credit card simply select PayPal Express Checkout as payment on the checkout page.

2. Using Mobile Money (Airtel Ug and MTN)

If you live in Uganda or own a Ugandan Mobile Money account you can pay for gifts using your phone.

Both Airtel Money and MTN are accepted.

To pay using Mobile Money select Mobile Money Payments at checkout before placing the order. You will then be presented with the following instructions on how to complete the payment.

To pay using Mobile Money please send the cart equivalent amount in Ugx to:
Airtel: 0701266241 or MTN: 0701266241
Once the payment has been confirmed the order processing will continue.

The amount to send in Ugx is equal to  Total Amount * 3800

Order processing will be put on hold till the payment is confirmed. It’s always good to call before sending payment though things will always work out if you pay the correct amount just after placing your order. Please contact us any time in case you need help paying with mobile money.

Remember to always multiply your Total in $ by 3800 to get the amount in Ugx to pay via mobile money.


For offline payments, or to pay using other means like Western Union, World Remit, MoneyGram etc please contact us when placing your order.